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Volker 3080 adjustable bed

7 Comments 23 August 2010

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  1. squirrelmedical says:

    This is an excellent example of an electric nursing bed the type that can be used on a Squirrel alternating air mattress. This has been added to the Squirrel you tube channel.

  2. squirrelmedical says:

    Hi great video – great product. I have heard that Hampshire County Council bought 1,100 of these beds from you against several other suppliers – why was this? also I have heard these are very popular in independent living situations – could you tell me about your service – is it national?

  3. bakarebeds says:

    These beds have 2 year parts warranty. Very high quality components with newer ones having motors developed by Porsche. In demanding care home / environments where they receive more use (and misuse/abuse from care home staff) their working life exceeds 10 years. When used in users homes for homecare they last longer. We recommend an annual service though to keep things moving. Service details and downloads from support´╗┐ section of bakare beds website.

  4. lesandnate says:

    What’s the warranty on a bed like this? How long do they last?

  5. bakarebeds says:

    Thanks. This one has wheels hidden inside its telescopic legs which are electronically lowered for movement. Controls also have a standards compliant interface allowing them to be used with automated room control systems. There is also a version with larger wheels for travelling further distance, eg outside on sunny days (not that often here in UK) – its called a Volker S380.

  6. waddleduckie1 says:

    That is so cool..Now all I want to see is that a bed have wheels so it can move from one room to another! All with a wireless remote. And maybe one that lowers the arm rest bars to make access easy as possible.

  7. alksin says:

    is this a ghost video???? ­čÖé

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