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Standers Handybar

5 Comments 23 September 2010

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  1. Thomas Gettle says:

    Review by Thomas Gettle for Standers Handybar
    Since having back surgery exiting a vehicle has been a problem for me. I have tried several products to aid me in this task. The problem was so bad, that I had to trade vehicles to find one that is easier on me. I now have a full size Mercury Grand Marquis, they don’t come any larger than that in my price range.

    Even after all that, I was still having a problem. I will note that the typical assist handle in most vehicles provides no assistance at all in exiting the vehicle. This is because they are inside the vehicle and can not be used to help exiting unless you are double jointed.

    I did a lot of research and it came down to the “Handybar” or an assist strap that temporarily install through an open window and wraps around the door frame. The problem with the latter is that you need assistance to safely use it. Someone must be there to prevent the door from closing when you put weight on the strap. This more of a problem if you are parked on an up hill slope. The “Handybar” requires no assistance to use; even when parking on a hill. As long as the door detents will hold the door open, it is a one person operation.

    I have only one negative which I plan to write the company about. It is my opinion that the handle design should be modified to raise the height of the handle when it is installed in the door latch. I have found that this latch is not at a uniform height in all cars. In some of the smaller vehicles I have tried it in, the handle is low enought to affect its useability. This is because of the vehicle size, the design places the door latch at a much lower height. However in my retro full size American four door sedan the product works very well indeed.

  2. Just Older says:

    Review by Just Older for Standers Handybar
    I needed something to assist my mother in getting out of the car. We tried a different type of bar which worked ok but occassionally slipped. I bought this one hoping that it wouldn’t slip and it didn’t on my Nissan Altima so it’s much better than the competition for my car.

  3. Anna Co says:

    Review by Anna Co for Standers Handybar
    I bought this for my uncle and I had gotten another one for my father. It’s great for those who need a little help getting out of any car. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have this will work. I would buy it again.

  4. S. Bergey says:

    Review by S. Bergey for Standers Handybar
    My 82 year old mother has severe rheumatoid arthritis which has necessitated one total knee replacement. She is now needing the other one done. Because of this she has great difficulty getting in and out of any vehicle. I saw this product and the “Standers CarCaddie” and ordered both. She is now able to transfer in and out of the car much more easily. She says it is the easiest she’s been able to do so in years. We liked both products so much that we ordered another of each so that we don’t have to remember to move them between cars. Do remember to check to be sure your car has a “U” shaped striker plate on the door frame as that is where it fits. Luckily we haven’t needed the emergency features (seatbelt cutter and window breaker), but it is nice to know they are there, too.

  5. Gail says:

    Review by Gail for Standers Handybar
    I bought this for my elderly father who broke his leg. He’s been blessed to be healing nicely, and this gadget is perfect to help get him in and out of a car. It works as described and fits in exactly the right position to grab onto. Otherwise there is nowhere to hold to put weight on the arms to try to stand up.

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