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WheelChair Back Flip

50 Comments 28 September 2010

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  1. Stickman3510 says:


  2. AsparagusBoB says:

    No wonder he’s in a wheelchair…

  3. neinxD says:

    also my opinion. it just looks kinda ridiculous. yeah yeah. i know. for me: thumbs down only 🙂

  4. Sabohaque says:

    Careful bro youll end up in a wh

  5. pyrotechnicsnowboard says:

    are you actually handicapped?

  6. jonstratvonavich says:

    i wanna see him kickflip

  7. ShannonUtterYT says:

    that was only tow backflip

  8. dien00bz1 says:

    is this kid stupid or something
    he already fucked up his legs now he wants to fuck up his head

  9. Thesamdonuts says:

    you rock

  10. XimoMascarell says:


  11. MsTopolina78 says:


  12. MineralwasserMann says:

    How old is this boy ?

  13. tj62393 says:

    0:42 Need For Speed Tokyo Drift 2: The Drifting Wheelchair

  14. tj62393 says:

    @TDWssj4 haha

  15. cycool100 says:

    is he realy hurt life his legs dont work

  16. Erik753820 says:


  17. Spikegrove says:

    @hellokatie111 I AGREE

  18. CJhoop13 says:

    why is he in a wheel chair

  19. hellokatie111 says:

    @rachellanne11 Your just jealous cause you cant do that! HA!

  20. rachellanne11 says:

    that was so gay

  21. jusue123 says:


  22. FRESHBOYWILL17 says:

    Ive seen this kid before i used to go to that first skate park that was in the video all the time its called pro park its in vegas. THEKID IS CRAZY awesome he would do a backflip land on his head get back up and do it again he was great

  23. fishnmaster420 says:

    travis pastrana would be proud.

  24. martellwebster says:

    truly is a blessing. thats what being normal. its recreation it doesnt see colors disabilities cultural backgrounds etc….. it speaks all languages. we as people should try it all different ways and see how much of a fan you become to all facetts of the same sport.

  25. DaFreshPrinceofLA says:

    Your a bamf!

  26. SiLeSabes says:

    qué pero wue

  27. christelle2194 says:

    ohh wow, next thing u know they’ll make a machine that gives us money..

  28. koberocksaa says:

    AWW they stole Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair!!

  29. lvl69engineer says:

    Next step: perform the inverse operation, using external signals which the brain will perceive as control signals, creating induced stimuli.

    WoW in virtual reality, anyone?

  30. nobtube says:

    @jamese101 don’t worry lol this will definitely happen one day and you’ll probably be alive.

  31. jamese101 says:

    ok, i hate to sound like a nerd but dose anyone know if they are planning on developing the technology for mind controlled games?

  32. xololomejor says:

    Me parece increíble cómo funciona este aparato. Lo único que quiero saber es ¿Donde la puedo conseguir? vivo en Colombia

  33. SolidSharks says:

    not bad 🙂

  34. aeon23 says:

    On step closer to full on cyborgs…I can’t wait.

  35. ShroomSamich says:


  36. Alexandersig says:


  37. mumosbombon says:

    excellent! I hope this will get developed further and made available to as many patients as possible. This could have aplications with the general public too…you could use it to comunicate with different devices and possibly even with people …a bit like telepathy

  38. samrees2k9 says:


  39. fartnox says:

    only in japan

  40. ascortjkk says:

    i cant use this since i have a dirty mind

  41. bigdmac says:

    this is why i love japan

  42. azblatino78 says:

    I am happy for you that obviously you don’t have to work with, live with, love, or otherwise know anyone who has to suffer the slow and degrading loss of independence and dignity to a movement-destroying condition or horrific accident. This IS an incredible development for people who can’t just get up and WALK away from posts such as this.

  43. buttonmasher411 says:


  44. RacingInTheName says:

    pretty sure it is useful.
    what do u think its for stupid..
    maybe for full paraplegics like steve hawkins or watever his name is

  45. antihippieninja says:

    great so in the future i bet that there will be machines that move for us and are brains will be placed inside and we will clone new breads of human using dna from us now then we will adapt and become emcotionless and be robotic exept are brains this is just great!!!!!!!!

  46. pumpfever says:

    uselessness??? there are outside a lot of people who can’t even move a joystick with their hands! so they are condemned to stay in bed waiting to die, or they need to a person to move their chair, so in this way they gain a lot of independency! and mind control is for more a better control than voice control (the other option), because voice control is really affected by noisy environments, while mind control isn’t affected 😀

  47. pumpfever says:

    It’s nothing fake, you need to research about Brain-computer interfaces, this in special is using electro-encephalogram (EEG), there are complete science books about it! and there are a lot of interesting applications for it, for example in the recent videogames conventions they have shown videogames that are controlled only by the brain! It’s a new techonology, but nothing fake, just read a little more… It’s science! 😀

  48. flaviusnaor says:

    That might be FAKE.
    Just program the thing to do something, and pretend you are controling it! Or have someone else controling it remotelly.

    I’m sorry, but for the uselessness of a chair controlled by thoughts… sorry, but it is 99% sure its FAKE.

  49. Oddballzshowreturns says:

    HA-HA-HA-HA your in a wheel chair!! HA-HA-HA-HA Der-der-der-der!!

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