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Hoveround Electric Wheelchairs Commercial – Go Go Go Original

25 Comments 08 November 2010

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  1. rokrspi says:

    reminds me of dr evil

  2. Gnarkill313 says:

    someone needs to autotune this.

  3. j25482 says:

    In my opinion, Jazzy power chairs are also good. For a good range of Jazzy models, there is a site – jazzy wheelchairs z (dot) com

  4. jackiesara5 says:

    I can go go go in my huver round ha ha so dumb!

  5. TheNumberIs47 says:

    Its a great ride lol

  6. TheNumberIs47 says:

    “Its a great ride” LMAO .

  7. electricguitarss says:

    best song in the world.

  8. HerberttheHisser says:

    I bet he’s said fuck nursing after selling a few million of these bad boys! Can you customize the rims? Sound system? Would it be possible to fit the tires with some chains for the rough Minnesota winters?

  9. hsml579 says:

    wow wtf!!!! that lady at 1:21 didnt dial the number XDDD she dialed 1-800- 123-1234 XD

  10. TheManatee98 says:



  11. MrLolSean says:

    @TheManatee98 Now I can go go go in my hoveround! Indoors out doors ALL OVER TOWN!!

  12. wheelslarbac says:

    @dynasty11211 the church of scientology
    has distroyed tom cruise, he don’t look
    the same man anymore and even changed
    his name and professon from actor to nurse.
    Is Tom the nurse to the church of scientology
    cult followers?

  13. cocoaeclipse says:

    the songs stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!

  14. chapanese96 says:

    i want one of those so bad hahaha. it would be fun to just run around in circles anywhere

  15. Mford199X says:

    0:24 … Ew.

  16. dynasty11211 says:

    What has the church of scientology done to tom cruise, they even changed his last name to kruse.

  17. zxmike12xz says:

    i fucking love this commercial!!!!!! its been stuck in my head for like a month

  18. BuyingGF8k says:

    huv huv huv on my huvvaround!

  19. clubpenscoot180 says:

    @Spazattack1994 SAME!!!

  20. clubpenscoot180 says:

    do these people who use hoveround ever get hoversick?

  21. JasperDx17 says:

    Wow Tom Cruise really let himself go.

  22. larbacmc1 says:

    @bellescouleurs15 Your right it is the wheelchair
    dance and the song they chose with so many
    people in a power wheelchair cance. This ad is so
    old that they made it in VHS tapes from the 1990s
    before you were born. Now they make it in DVD
    some say they have been doing this for 40 years.

  23. bellescouleurs15 says:

    @larbacmc1 i don’t think people would be laughing at it if there wasn’t like, a sychronized wheelchair dance and a cheesy song. haha, you never see people laughing at the powerscooter.

  24. x3rikku says:

    @larbacmc1 I wasn’t commenting on the quality of the wheelchair. I just find it funny that the informational is a VHS, I guess they are either trying to relate to old people, or the commercial is outdated.

  25. Lay1321 says:

    i was just at a sleepover and my friend started singing this so i figured i just had 2 look it up XDD

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