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Q&A: Will ESPN soon be covering mobility scooter drag races on TV? I love this sport, especially the senior circuit?

7 Comments 16 November 2010

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  1. Calm Like A Bomb says:

    Yes, Ben Hur chariot style races!

  2. Chuck says:

    If they made an hour show out of a decision of where a basketball player is going to play, plus some of the other ridiculous things they show then why not, they obviously have time to fill.

  3. | DJ WEDD|NGS says:

    No, It’s too specialized, and needs to air on The Speed Channel.
    I’ll be modifying my Hover-Round for mud bogging this fall.

  4. Rama Don says:

    Nitro burning dragster mobility scooters rule!

  5. Kitty 2 says:

    I hope so sounds exciting to me. Hope they have the coon’s tail attached..

  6. dark bubble says:

    Ever since they quit using the big colorful parachutes and started using the pillowcase ones, I lost interest.

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