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What is the best mobility aid to use for rising out of a chair?

4 Comments 01 December 2010

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  1. Regwah says:

    Well perhaps look at renting one.
    A rope from the ceiling is all I can think of as a cheap solution.
    To pull yourself up I mean.
    That’s a bugger, look after yourself.

  2. peter gunn says:

    they have these mobility aides that can help that are basically big handles with suction cups. they can be easily attached and detached to any structure they stick to and can help you raise yourself up but I forgot the name of the product

    hang in there lizzie

  3. Mac S says:

    Wow. I really do feel your pain. Had no idea it was getting that bad for you. Um…I’m barely able to rise myself. No aids, no meds. Honestly, the cheapest, simplest solution would be cane and/or crutch. If it’s just your lower body that’s giving you trouble that is. Work on your upper body strength if possible.

    Neuropathy can affect the whole body or, left, right, upper, lower. All depends on the condition. Both my wife and I ‘suffer’ from similar disabilities and stumble at times. She…walks against walls or on my arm. I just deal with it….walking sideways at times.

    Last time (a week ago) I was at the hospital, I inquired about a wheel chair (yeah, that’s how bad it’s gotten in only a few months)….too much $ .

    So, as far as rising goes. Typically I’ll use the hands on knees method to rise, stabalize, gather, then move about….slowly and carefully.

    Best of luck and prayers headed your way <3

  4. Ravencalls says:

    a sturdy light metal frame on wheels.. at the right hieght .

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