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Q&A: Jell Batteries for Mobility Scooter will not hold charge, please help!!?

4 Comments 07 December 2010

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  1. duster says:

    A load test determins how well the batteries will hold a charge
    obtain a DC volt meter and see if the batteries read 13.5 volts, with out the charger on, 12 volts in minium. Ant reading under 12 volts may be troubble.

    Charge the batteries, out of the scooter, for about 6 hours.
    12 to 13.5 max they ought to read

  2. wildmanny2 says:

    I use those components in my robotics projects.It makes me wonder how good the batteries really are.It is really hard to determine if they are strong or not by using meters or testing equipment.It’s possible but not likely that your charger isn’t bringing them up to the right level.Perhaps your dealer can look at that too.I would find some way to install a known good battery set for comparison if at least temporarily.It’s also a possibility that the drive motor[s] have been working extra hard lately in your travels.

  3. nikipoo says:

    take it to the dealer an have him check it over if its only six months old it should be covered

  4. Nomadd says:

    A load test doesn’t tell you anything about how long the batteries last. If cheap lead acid gellcells go completely dead a few times, they usually don’t last very long anymore. The dealer probably did a load test which tells you how much power the batteries put out, but doesn’t tell you how long they last.
    Someone needs to check the charging voltage. If it’s ok I bet the dealer sold you cheap UPS batteries and not the good, deep cycle ones you needed for your ride.

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