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I borrowed my Grandads mobility scooter to go to the pub and on the way home was pulled over by the police ,?

4 Comments 14 December 2010

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  1. Time travler says:

    I have known people that got stopped while on a bicycle too. Think about how invisible you were to others without lights. The other charges are somewhat frivolous, but he could make them stick since by law what you did was still illegal.

  2. gio says:

    plead not guilty–and say to the judge i drove on the street because the lighting on the sidewalk was lacking.And you only drove on the street for a short distance in order to get to a better lit area on an upcoming sidewalk that had better lighting.–pretty good defense –use it.—then offer the judge a disorderly conduct charge.

    tell him u are sorry and it wont happen again and you feel only a disorderly charge plus court costs is what u will plead to.–then shut up.–he will grant it.

  3. Jennifer C says:

    Thank god you were clear of alcohol or you would of had a DUI all this is a moving violation and you should of had lights on even if it was a lawn mower you could of been charged with these charges anything mobilized and using the highway is considerd a moving violation even as it is with a car. you can go to a local library to read about updated laws and old laws its been known years ago a man was cited for DWI on a horse.its still in the law books you can beat your wife on the court house step on tuesdays with a stick but the stick can only be as round as your wedding ring, hope this don’t happen thow. next time you try something you may want to read up on the laws and you may want to get a good lawyer even if its state appointed make him /her work for you to get some of this of leaser charges if it is a state appointed and you aren’t getting a leaser charge you can allways ask for another lawyer.

  4. Chad K says:

    can we hang out?

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