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25 Comments 19 March 2011

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  1. hijay1 says:

    Make it street legal!

  2. AnotherNutJob says:

    Imagine this mobility scooter passing you on the freeway. 😀

  3. falcon96kickass says:

    He’s no ordinary grandad going to the shops anymore

  4. mchasedavenport says:

    wish i had that much time and money to spare!!

  5. grant996x says:

    to all you knob jockeys that moan im going into making grave stones as your pegging it soon!!, mate you made my fooking day, great engineering and sense of a laugh keep it up up please dude, too many moans and health and safety bollocks nowadays, i use to this sort of stuff *****

  6. poopalarge says:

    How did you work the gears Colin?

  7. stewartlittle123 says:

    my nans got one of them with a ktm 750 engine on it the bitch runs me over

  8. unleasheth says:

    LMAO 1:23 oh god oh god lol priceless

  9. GamerDecci says:

    Congrats on meeting russell howard

  10. wiggnell says:

    I wanne see this thing in the corners, haha

  11. domokid says:

    You did 70mph on those tires? holy fuck!

  12. jolding says:

    you should have a go at weston beach race on that thing. Im sure you could mod it enough to get around the whole track =]

  13. rosepubmuso says:

    Long live the safety tie! All hail the Furze!

    Good to see you back man, keep crazy, keep well 🙂

  14. antipike says:

    Funnny … my old man is after one now … I cant seem to get him to understand that it wouldnt be road legal ….

  15. ushouldntjudgeme says:

    Now Granny can get the the bathroom in time!!!!

  16. colinfurze says:

    @roggerfrogger2 not a motorway. motorways are 70mph 60 is for country roads n A roads

  17. roggerfrogger2 says:

    I love how the national speed limit is actually 60mph.

  18. colinfurze says:

    @Kulawendin i agree with this very much

  19. GBHuGzz says:

    Dang if I went to school with this everybody would this I’m BAD ASS

  20. Kulawendin says:

    You guys deserve more subs and more views.

  21. shortyd2k says:

    this would have been awsome on your wall of death 🙂

  22. TehVikingsOwn says:

    @colinfurze turbo it

  23. vtecfreakx says:

    not much off a ten second car lmao 😛

  24. woww1993 says:

    take i to walmart =P fast shopping

  25. arni1337 says:

    and what emgome is it?

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