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Do you think there is magic in the act of writing?

12 Comments 10 April 2011

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  1. Reenie: Mom of Marine says:

    Yes indeed I do!
    Your good intentions and caring heart have given her new purpose.
    I nominate Cynthia for the Nurse of the year award!

  2. An Honest Man says:

    Yes, I regularly hold writing workshops and never cease to be amazed at the transforming effect they have on participants. One high school student found a meaning in his life and decided to major in journalism; he is now excelling in his chosen course of study. I recommend journal writing for everyone, whether you are a poet or not (the jury is still out in my case!), because the recognitive process that precedes the act of writing constitutes the central act of our lives — it is where meaning is made, and selves forged. Yes, there is magic in the act of writing, and for your efforts in transforming dross to gold for this nonagenarian, and yes for your narrative of it, you are to be thanked by us all.

  3. espolin says:

    Contrary to what our Captain believes, I put YOU second in line for best poet on the Internet.

    As for the first in line…

  4. Semper Fi Reborn says:

    What an inspiration she is!

  5. Maltese Breeder says:

    How adorably sweet and caring you took the time for another soul, and to be able to give her something of benefit to hold! To rise her spirit to a place that once upon a time might have been and give her that gleam in her eye for all to share! Cheers!

  6. DragonLady says:

    Writing can be quite an emotional exorcism, I am glad you took the time to open up to this person, and let her know the power of words. A great poem

  7. Song bird says:

    It seems the pen was not the only instrument that aided in a few more heartbeats.
    Blessed is the caregiver, an instrument from God.

  8. ma says:

    I used to be a volunteer hospice worker and the rebirth you so tenderly spoke of here is always just on the other side of the door, waiting for someone to open. As you discovered, it takes but just a soft knock, a willingness to listen. So glad I am for her you were there, but gladder still she found her voice before her final rest.


  9. Tara says:

    I think there is magic in good writers of poems, stories, etc.

    I also believe that special magic of writing is a gift from God.

    It’s just a natural-given-talent for some. A gift.

  10. kitty says:

    Yes C.S. their is magic. But that magic comes from the heart and someone who gives u inspiration. That was a good poem and touched me within. I started reading and couldnt quit.

  11. Farmer says:

    2 nice jobs Ms Scotkin!
    the poem and you caring.
    ..you have the magic touch
    in your work for sure!

  12. Evadne Terra says:

    There is healing magik in the pen, but the greater enchantment is in the heart of one who shares the secret. You, C, kissed by the goddess, sent to the world to spread light. I can see it through your poems, through your life across the screenwaves. Thank you for blessing me, and the world, and for touching lives the way you do.

    From the Bottom of my Heart,


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