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31 Comments 16 June 2011

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  1. 123sqpbc321 says:

    @BBnose More than likely. The thing with Alber is the quality. It is by far the best engineered wheelchair available. I should have some of the Adventure up soon. Managed to get my hands on the only one in Oz! Truly brilliant chair.

  2. BBnose says:

    is it true that someone told me its about €5000

  3. TheMoviewatcher86 says:

    I want one of these for my chair, the school I go to has some major hills that even able bodied paper get a work out. I can manage the hills, but it takes a great deal of energy. This system would definitely help.

  4. gpellet357 says:

    Great wheels but they will not supply parts wihout calling a second party and do not lose your remote cost over $1300.00

  5. liemdrake says:

    She is hot wheel’s

  6. coolay11 says:

    u didnt show if i need to use the wheely movment to a void a pipr or a a rock and so on

    thx 4 sharing this great product anyway ;0)

  7. junior420zzz says:

    As a person who is prodominently chair bound, I say someone should teach that cop manners the old fashioned way!

  8. tinaco5000 says:


  9. bdaley1234 says:

    should show the hole tape noy just this part

  10. TheBookflutterby says:

    Cop: someone who demands respect without earning it.

  11. cedwards600 says:

    You all don’t understand. If we ALL unite against this hypocrisy and lunacy from those in power (whether it’s police or those higher up) and not comply their way of control ends. They can’t arrest everyone. Remember like David Icke says… We are many, they are few.

  12. WhiteUniteorDie says:

    Put animals that if they were still back in their homeland Africa, would be eating their grandmother for supper, put them in a position of power over the white man this is what happens, damn African beasts.

  13. TBAKC says:

    why do we have cops….to hurt people?? cause thats what they seem to do.

  14. davemichels says:

    I don’t think the word quadriplegic means what you think it means, hogskin. (Hint: quad refers to the number four.)

  15. lhfdabest1 says:

    This is not a matter of being black or white…the black bitch did it and the white asshole laughed with her right after…this is just humanity at its lowest…

  16. Shiman011 says:

    não foi nada disto, o policial não o derrubou da cadeira, claramente o jovem escorregou da cadeira e o policial sem maldade nem uma tentou ajuda lo

  17. stilanas says:

    Despicable. America’s finest? They are so brave they have to break the ribs of a man in a wheel chair and then laugh at him. What a bunch of assholes.

  18. PaveHawkUSAF89 says:

    @MegaBrazil1000 dude where the fuck does country come into account here if it wasn’t for america you wouldn’t have half the shit you use everyday so do us all a favor and stfu

  19. scottybroker says:

    He is patient. A report was covered up. Dept. of Justice should enter in. worth about $10M.

  20. ITSSTATIC says:

    SHE needs her ASS KICKED… Placed in a WHEEL chair and then tied up so she has no way of saving herself and DUMPED….. SICK!!! JUST SICK!!!

  21. stackedup101 says:

    Give me one minute with her……..

  22. joecane6340 says:

    This isnt an issue of black or white. Police see themselves as above all others and feel justified for doing this kind of stuff. Cops like this better be held accountable for this or eventually, the people will revolt.

  23. MotivationalGuru67 says:

    @MrPageyzoso you see your partially correct. when u brought in race you blew it…. this is the Hierarchy
    WHITE COP, BLACK COP, WHITE, BLACK…., so if yout not a cop …..IT DOES MATTER WHAT RACE OR SEX U ARE… check this link out and u will see the exact opposite.
    youtube this “Guy on wheelchair taken down by officers” (2 white cops slam a crippled black man ) plz don’t make further ignorant comments..
    bottom line is the issue with police authority and how they abuse it not race

  24. MrPageyzoso says:

    figures, two black cops get away with this..but if it was the other way around, the two white cops would be in jail for this. this country keeps getting worse and worse…cops can get away with this shit and no one cares, cause it was a white guy in a wheelchair.

  25. MegaBrazil1000 says:

    im glad im from europe, this shit only happens in usa. good , keep it there. fucking yankees , kill em alllllll. burn the flag. fuck the presidents wife. and jurk my seamen ll over the stripes and stars.

  26. NeoLibsSuck says:

    fucking typical cop

  27. canisdormit says:

    Bad cops need to be hung in public.

  28. laviangelrw says:

    its ur country not mine

  29. BazzNewYork says:

    More and more thugs and criminals are working for the police department. This is what happens when Americans allow there government to inflict injustice on other people……eventually there government turns on Americans.

  30. whisperinwindcried67 says:

    did he sue for damages???..he should of!!

  31. tuber123asd says:

    @mrdate88 Why the fuck are you even making this point? Does that even matter in the bigger picture? God, people are so fucking stupid, it almost defies reason.

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