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Mobility Scooter Formation Display

25 Comments 31 July 2011

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  1. HeadGirl says:

    I have MS but i would rather drag myself across the floor than sit in one of those, unless it’s kitted out!

  2. HeadGirl says:

    LOOLLO holy hell kill me now!!!!!!! please please!

  3. newgarda says:


  4. idk2say says:

    GO LADIES!!!!!!

    (mom has M.S.)

  5. TheDesertsItalian says:

    Awesome. When I come of age, I wanna do that!

  6. tinypuppies3 says:

    Good for them ­čÖé

  7. paintballgundown8 says:

    am i the only one who wants to soup up one of those and have drag races?

  8. bl0000000000 says:

    @LazingProductions it’s basically like those old ladies but with big, blue jet fighters

  9. LazingProductions says:

    @bl0000000000 Ah… LOLWUT?

  10. confusion180 says:

    no way that cant be possible doing a wheelie on a scooter 0:40

  11. TheRiggyRiggs says:

    I wonder if any of them had accident…omg I hope nones dies….

  12. Str1cker says:

    @crazymonkey186 damn macs…

  13. shaolindreams says:

    @crazymonkey186 adblock chrome extension ftw

  14. MintMovies says:

    That’s kinda cool!

  15. coolabajset says:

    the blue´╗┐ angels better watch out!

  16. mousey225 says:

    @MATTHEW65661 actually 8 of them

  17. adamski895RS says:

    @messitup shut up and go fuck one then

  18. stebolicious008 says:

    now you need to have colored smoke lines behind you like the blue angles.

  19. martinmovies999 says:


  20. Phughy says:

    lol the blue angels better watch out xP

  21. messitup says:

    old people are cool and nice, i like old people!

  22. DeaDEyeSF says:

    @MATTHEW65661 +the cameraman and a repairman

  23. bl0000000000 says:

    jet fighter formation

  24. MATTHEW65661 says:

    their are 6 of them with a combined age of 606 that makes all of them 101

  25. LazingProductions says:

    Excuse my stupidity, but who/what are the blue angels?

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