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Guys in Wheelchairs Pick Up Girls

25 Comments 26 August 2011

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  1. hipopotan1 says:

    hahahha guys,you beat almost every pick up guru that i know… you infield footage is so kickass hahaha. One of the best conversations that i had ever heard in my pick up life…. seriously, mystery can suck 🙂 😀 😀

  2. xXSgtWolfXx says:

    you guys have balls… i gotta hand it to ya

  3. 3boredudes says:

    Lucky people who get their comments replied to by simplepickup….

  4. m89733 says:

    This almost seems wrong lol

  5. Griffynful says:

    “don’t worry we’ll make it happen”… girl: “alright”

  6. davidbrockhayden says:

    I dont think it is making fun of “crippled” people lol First off Cripple is an ignorant name and I happen to be one…This video rocked! I can pick up guys better than a completely physically capable female..It’s all in your confidence level that draws the opposite sex 🙂

  7. dskiller says:

    you guys are beast and very encouraging !

  8. atlaswingpasaway says:

    @sora5000000000000000 i know what you mean. but i guess it depends on how people take their videos. i mean i like them, i subscribed to them even! Lol.

  9. imawsmexy says:

    @kishothzero no showing all would be boring, cuz mostly it will take like 10 – 20 min to get number of a girl. And showing all will not be a ‘comedy pick up’ anymore. It will be ” How to Pick Up video.”

  10. Prox1015 says:


  11. somermichelle18 says:

    I made a video about guys in wheelchairs just for yall! check out my page (;

  12. adikiogame says:

    You should show one video without cuts.

  13. sora5000000000000000 says:

    @atlaswingpasaway how they r saying even u a hanicap u can get girls

  14. atlaswingpasaway says:

    u realize this is also making fun of real crippled people a little yeah?
    but nonetheless it’s still funny, conversation-wise.

  15. kishothzero says:

    Show the uncut versions of some of the convos it ll be funny to watch and see

  16. kishothzero says:

    Yeah so uncut version talking to some of the girls you ll get more views and it ll be more entertaining thumbs up to get this noticed

  17. smartguy9765 says:

    ”Don’t worry, we’ll make it happen”

  18. asianstrength says:

    4:17 study the genius hitting on his target’s friend to make her jealous so she will fight even harder to win him

  19. yahowii says:

    the butt at 245 is awesome!

  20. SunkistSwagFX says:

    How many Contacts Do they have?

  21. Stallion769 says:

    LOOOL Loved the beginning!

  22. laz44418 says:

    Makes me feel better

  23. NanaNarcotic says:

    ahahah jeeze all of these were so awkward :”D

  24. yksnimus says:

    @crackinthekraken ROFL, I though the same…since when cripples cant spin their own wheels also? xD that vid is weirdo..
    If you ask randomly ppl in the street about sex, they run away, they dont give u numbers

  25. Bassbaseballbmx says:

    that black guy at the beginning on the left was in kassemG

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