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Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair Project

25 Comments 28 August 2011

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  1. vermillion303 says:

    As a disabled steampunk who has just nicknamed her new powerchair “Xavier”, this chair is the embodiment of my dreams! If money and shipping were no obstacle I would pay you to make a replica for me! I particularly love the pistons on the front wheels. I pay tribute to your awesome skills and vision!

  2. patientzero532 says:

    @Jemwhipp Yeah. I came, too. Unbelievable!!!!

  3. patientzero532 says:

    Ultimate cool. Nice job!!!!!

  4. craigthepsychic says:

    I’ve been slowly pulling things together for my old powerchair but finding some of the parts are a royal pain (a simple 1900’s Barbers chair is all I ask). I’d love to know more about your sound effects system though, seems cool.

  5. WolfeBear says:

    Very cool! How do you move the controls to get in the chair?

  6. MoChanTTwTT says:

    I’ll have you know that I didn’t go to Conooga for the first time in three years. I am extrememly sad that I missed seeing this!

  7. AnimePRFury says:

    …for when you want to take X-Men to the epic level! 🙂

  8. SMEEON says:

    @sgtsquishy it is, if your near Boston check it out at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation until May 30th

  9. sgtsquishy says:

    This needs to be in a museum.

  10. left4dead885 says:

    I would put double vodka in the tank!

  11. fuckDNA says:

    if i ever become paralyzed im buying this wheelchair

  12. derfy26 says:

    That is so friggin cool! You’re an artistic genius!

  13. jacks16390 says:

    Is that gonna be used in a movie or something, if so, I’d definitely watch that movie.

  14. ehsnils says:

    Great work! Just needs a built-in umbrella too! 🙂

  15. MasterMint2 says:

    i would break my legs if it would get me one =D

  16. MasterMint2 says:

    if would break my legs if it would get me one =D

  17. Tatacchan says:


  18. SMEEON says:

    @nicholmikey the air pump recirculates the air from the bubble tubes. It is pretty sealed, also the liquid inside is consumed so soon it doesn’t have enough time to suck in dust. You probably get more dust in an open top drink that you leave on a counter top for an hour.

  19. SMEEON says:

    @SanityMechanism yes, yes you can… see my other video 🙂 it has a 5″ subwoofer which does a pretty good job. Stay tuned for future portable sound system chairs 😉

  20. SMEEON says:

    @Goldengirl159 not yet, it’s planned but the wood is waxed which helps, this is a fair weather day chair, wouldn’t want the velvet to get ruined by rain 😉

  21. SanityMechanism says:

    But can I plug in my ipod?

  22. nicholmikey says:

    I like it but would not drink from it. If the bubbles are from outside air being pumped in them the drink will act as an air filter catching dust and debris. (see “bong”). No dust drink for me please.

    Other than that it looks awesome!

  23. NicolaWyrd says:

    ohhh I love it. I am in a powered wheelchiar, but it’s too big for me. They are hard to afford. It was the best my parents could do.

  24. TheOneLaGala says:

    great!!! now i don’t worry getting old. Hopefully somebody might build such a great wheelchair for me…..

  25. JulieDanney says:

    17 people rather walk than using this piece of epicness :/

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