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Q&A: How do wheelchair people get to work?

5 Comments 16 October 2011

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  1. Brian B says:

    City buses are generally a great way to get around with a wheelchair. Most of the time the bus drivers are friendly and helpful while they tie down your wheelchair. A few driver’s will pretend that the lift is broken if they don’t want to deal with you. That is the exception rather than the rule.

    As far as crowded buses go; it can make you feel a little self-conscious when the bus is so crowded that people have to stand. Most of the time people don’t seem to mind standing for a while. It just depends on how busy the route is that you plan to take.

    My suggestions: be at the bus stop at least ten minutes early. A bus driver will leave ANYBODY that isn’t at the bus stop when they pull up. Have your fare ready. Do whatever you can to speed up the process of getting loaded and secured on the bus. Bus driver’s do appreciate it when you try to save them time.

  2. Teddy & Chiliswoman says:

    You are a wheelchair user not a wheelchair person. People who are chair users all over the world use public transportation. It is not always the easiest thing to do, and not always very comfortable, but we do what we have to do to get where we want to go.

  3. FOV says:

    I am in wheelchair and do not use a car. I use public transportation, it is not horribly comfortable when the bus is full but it isn’t uncomfortable either. Some cities also offer taxis that can accommodate wheelchair users

  4. ♥Angela♥ says:

    i had a friend who used one and she was fine. anyway, i think you probably kinda answered your own question. i don’t know the brand Septa. i know some buses have “lift” services. and stuff like that. other than that

    you can have an automobile or vehicle just like anyone else. it just needs the right equipment and special accommodations. it’s perfectly acceptable for you to have that!

  5. sophieb says:

    A lot of disabled people (USA) who use wheelchairs don’t work because if working their benefits would be cut. Some do, however have a car (even a large clunker) with the attachment on the back to put their wheelchair on. Some employers allow their employees to help someone get out of their car and onto the wheelchair if that is needed. Some take a special county (small van) bus that has a lift on it. Some busses have lifts on them and allow you to enter from the middle of the bus (and you’d have a buss pass you can flash the driver with). And then there are some who have enough money to buy their own vehicle that has a ramp (it’s like a van). One end result is that maybe (depending on the type of job you do) you can work from home (there’s video now so you can attend meetings and give your input) and you can submit your data by fax or even two of you get into the same account to work from. It never hurts to ask, plus more and more people are working at home to get out of the traffic jam (so it might not be considered disability it might just be considered progress and new technology).

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