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Electric Wheelchair / Solo Pt. II / Opie’s Opus Sample

25 Comments 11 November 2011

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  1. dudedrmmer55 says:

    eric forman on snare.

  2. Coderedenator says:

    Pretty loud for just two people. Major props to them!!!!

  3. dustinreinink says:


  4. MrMdr96 says:

    these dudes are badass

  5. andrewmusic95 says:

    haha my band plays the cadence at 50. we didn’t have a name for it so the captain chose swag as the name XD We are learning this entire thing for next year when we march downs to the fields and back

  6. littledrummerboymc says:

    @xXParanormalPunxXx that’s not even a solo.

  7. littledrummerboymc says:

    @xXParanormalPunxXx that’s not even a solo.

  8. littledrummerboymc says:

    @xXParanormalPunxXx that’s not even a solo.

  9. ircoleton says:

    @xXParanormalPunxXx well i guess that your just the best snare player ever! And while your in bragging mode why don’t you tell us that you they created a new Nobel Prize of Drumming, just to give to you?

  10. phish6 says:

    that was pretty cool. wish i had this type of info back in my day or i might have practiced 10,000 more than i did. great job guys..

  11. xXParanormalPunxXx says:

    The solo at 2:30 is so easy and I’m a freshman

  12. manbearpig2300 says:

    Yeahhh.. The guy who jumped in and tried to look cool kinda sucked dirty rhino penis…

  13. chokingoninsanity says:

    Drum challenge is over, see you next year

  14. CleanBeats94 says:

    @xEdgex91 yeah, at least get some half way decent sticks before you make yourself look like an idiot, fonzie

  15. shift105 says:


  16. jakubrox19 says:

    that tenor player is ridiculous

  17. jakubrox19 says:

    when that dude came in, he just ruined it

  18. austin521o says:

    yea that was awesome

  19. tr0mpwned says:

    nicks such a beast he marched phantom 08!

  20. charliechapstick3000 says:

    snare player is good.

  21. richkid2267 says:

    the 1st dude who freestyled wuz better than the 2nd 1

  22. HuskyPride2132 says:

    @diemelie it was a joke bcuz promark isnt good at consistent sticks. But i think in this video he is using ralp hardimons from vic firth

  23. diemelie says:

    @HuskyPride2132 WHICH SIZE?

  24. drumkirk89 says:

    ha, nice split on the snare

  25. HuskyPride2132 says:

    @diemelie probably promark… hahaha

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