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SCV Electric Wheelchair 03

25 Comments 19 November 2011

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  1. tosmadboyz says:

    Playing this for my drumline cadance this year:)

  2. Manfish67 says:

    ahh.. that sticks out at 0:11 was so crisp for some strange reason.. like foreshadowing in literature lol.

  3. TheSpaceInvaderer says:

    @SpringCube the stick clicks arent written.

  4. SpringCube says:

    the sheet music i have is different! it says “2003” but their not playing whats written on what i have. and their no markings for stick clicks anywhere :/
    does anyone have the 2002 version of the music?

  5. drumbum8100 says:

    dont have a link but i have the sheet music cause you know i bought it!

  6. OfficialDGHMusic says:

    @booshocka1 subscribe to me, and I can message you the link 😀

  7. booshocka1 says:

    anybody got the link for the sheet music???

  8. bjrambo says:

    that ’03 line was no joke.

  9. Relapse100 says:

    Random distorted man walking across at 0:32

  10. llPurpleHazell says:

    My school has those drums

  11. DrumLord360 says:

    I hate the way their snares are tuned -_-

  12. Sukkeh says:

    the split tenor roll on 0:44 damn!

  13. PiaffePriincess says:

    oh my shit……BAD ASS TENOR PLAYERS!

  14. xXBassAckwrdsXx says:

    been learning this one slowly but surely on my snare. lol its soooo rudimental! i hate all the flams! DAM YOU SCV! lol jk

  15. drummaboy2346 says:

    0:41 is that a one handed roll on the tenors?

  16. joshydrummer2012 says:

    there’s a storm a brewin

  17. moovyerd says:

    False, a true “skank” is when you do a rim shot and then mute. Which is what they are doing.

  18. thealexbraud says:

    @mark63534 check out the 92 line. Now that’s sick.

  19. DaJmsta says:


  20. Iliketoboard says:

    Is this at Arizona State???

  21. TheDesmcg says:

    1:06…basses o yea

  22. IronfistmanDV says:

    1:00 <3

  23. rreemmzzrruullee says:

    @tenorplayer1234 orlando

  24. tenorplayer1234 says:

    was this in reno???

  25. wy2kool4u says:

    @tsobaby95 by the way I’m a snare player

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