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how can i check the battery power on a mobility scooter?

3 Comments 04 December 2011

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  1. Douglas George-Kennedy says:

    Get a test light or a multi-meter . Connect the wire of the test light or the black lead on the multi-meter to the earth terminal and the probe of the test light or red probe of the multi meter to the positive terminal or the one with a + symbol on it . Depending on what voltage it is , the multi meter should tell you straight away if you set it at 200 v range . If its 12 volt then make sure you have a test light with a 12 volt globe or 24 volt make sure you have a 24 volt globe . If the globe is dim or doesnt glow at all then your battery is flat. Or alternatly turn the headlights on . If there dim then your battery is low or you have a loose connection . Try tightening your battery terminals , but make sure your master key is off when doing so.

  2. bobweb says:

    A battery warehouse store in your area that sells all kinds of batteries can do a “load test” on the battery just like an auto parts store tests your car battery. Bring the battery into the store and they will test it for free. You can’t tell how good the battery is and how well it will hold a charge by just measuring the terminal voltage with a volt meter. Find a battery specialty business in your area here:


  3. wildmanny2 says:

    I’ve found over the years that the only reliable test for mine is simply trusting my instincts on it.Knowing how well a new one works and knowing how well my present one works tells me if it’s about time.Meters and load tests don’t tell the whole story on deep cycle batteries.

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