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How to Get a Right Handicap Scooter? – by Jerico Jens

No Comments 06 February 2010

Announcing a new handicap scooter design that will revolutionize the present handicap scooter industry! The once bulky and heavy handicap scooter is now has a lean and light design affording ease in transporting the handicap scooter. There is a vast selection of handicap scooters that are portable in design and will break down into 3 to 4 sections. is the experienced handicapped van scooter lift solution provider for individuals or businesses needing mobility aid device implementations. remains the handicap scooter lift solution provider for disabled youth, men, and women as well as healthcare professionals and employers. Clearly if you have a physical handicap the scooter is an appropriate solution. Products sold by most reputable mobility scooter suppliers include scooters, wheelchairs, handicapped ramps, stairway lifts, lift chairs, adjustable beds, walkers and much more. They also carry canes, walkers, handicap bath and shower accessories, scooters, electric wheelchairs and hospital beds for the geriatric disabled.
Look for handicap scooters on eBay Search eBay for handicap scooters. They have a vast variety there at very affordable prices! But do not always go for the cheapest, ebay has the cheapest, but not always the most suitable ones for your needs. It is critical that you evaluate your needs and then choose a mobility scooter that fits you’re your needs and budget.
You will also want to consider the type and style of chair for your handicap scooter. And of course you will want to choose the handicap scooter color that looks best on you! Of course price is you biggest consideration when purchasing a handicap scooter. You can choose between a three wheel and a four wheel handicap scooter depending on your individual needs. A person walking or using a wheelchair, self-propelled wheelchair, or handicap scooter is a pedestrian. Examples include a person walking or using a wheelchair, self-propelled wheelchair, or handicap scooter.

Are you trying to find a site on handicap scooters? Mobility scooters are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. Find out more about Handicap Scooter at

mobility scooters

How To Charge and Maintain Your Mobility Scooter – by Staff

No Comments 05 February 2010

First of all, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the manual that came with the mobility scooter as each scooter will have different instructions. Depending on the instructions, you may need to recharge your scooter after each time you use it. Or, you may only need to recharge it when it when the battery gauge tells you that battery charge is low.
If you have a small / boot electric scooter you may be able to take the battery pack off the scooter and charge the batteries independently of the scooter. This means that you can leave the scooter in the car, and charge the batteries indoors, such as at home, in a hotel room or caravan. Other mobility scooters need to have the batteries left on them to charge them. The charging point is on the scooter itself, rather than the battery pack. This means that the disabled scooter battery has to be charged near a mains outlet, and so the mobility scooter is likely to be kept in a garage or shed if it’s too large to be kept inside the house. As a rough guide, depending on use, terrain, and user weight, the batteries can last 1-2 years. Obviously if the mobility scooter is used for a travelling a few miles a week on flat terrain, the batteries will last longer than if the scooter is used for travelling 20 miles a day up and down hills and off road.
The mobility scooter manual may say that bigger batteries can be fitted to your disability scooter. This will provide you with a greater range, meaning that you can go further before needing to charge your batteries. The batteries are available from mobility dealers and the price will depend on the battery capacity. The batteries are often the heaviest item on a mobility scooter. Bigger batteries will mean heavier batteries, which is one thing to consider if you often dismantle the scooter to transport it in the car.
Like a car, your mobility scooter will need a service from time to time. The mobility scooter manual will advise you how often your scooter needs servicing. As a rough guide it will need servicing every 12 months or so, depending on use. An authorised mobility dealer will be able to carry out the scooter service, and ensure that the scooter is functioning to its full capability. Depending on the dealer, and the model and age of the scooter, the scooter service may take two hours. The service may also include a test ride by the mechanic to fully check the mobility scooter and make sure that it is running smoothly and as it should do. The mobility scooter may need to be taken to a mobility dealer to be serviced, or the dealer may carry out the service in the user’s home. This means that the user won’t be without their scooter, and can ask the mechanic any questions regarding their scooter. The manual will also describe and weekly or monthly maintenance checks that are required. This can include pumping up the tyres, lubricating the brake, checking the seat mechanism and so on.
The mobility scooter bodywork is usually made out of plastic, and so may be subjected to some wear and tear during the life of the scooter. Replacement shrouds (bodywork) for the front and rear might be available depending on the model of scooter. These are usually easy to fit, and can be fitted by the user or a local mobility dealer.

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mobility scooters

Handicap Scooter For The Elder – by Jerry Hall Leo

No Comments 02 February 2010

Are you trying to find a site on handicap scooters? Mobility scooters (aka handicap scooters or medical scooters) are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances.
The powered mobility scooter has become the alternative to the electric wheelchair. Early scooters were small, front-wheel drive models designed primarily for indoor use, with little power and limited range. Newer models, however, offer greater range and the ability to transverse outdoor terrain. Most mobility scooters have a range of options, check with our recommended suppliers for the different options available with different models.
A handicap scooter is a fantastic way for people with some mobility problems to get around inside their homes, the grocery store, the shopping mall and other important places in their neighborhood. If you are fatigued after walking short distances, you can maintain your independence with the use of a fun and comfortable mobility scooter.
A wide range of accessories also are offered on most scooters, such as crutch and cane holders, oxygen carriers, front and rear baskets, trailers, headlights, tail lights, horns, canopies, and others. Some manufacturers even offer sidecars to allow an additional passenger. As when purchasing a car, options and additional features increase the base cost of the unit, but accessories should be evaluated in light of their capacity to create a mobility aid which provides maximum user independence. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that some options may decrease battery life, maneuverability, and/or travel range.
A standard Handicap Scooter (Mobility Scooter) has three or four wheels and can assist those with limited mobility such as the elderly, stroke survivors or those with severe arthritis. Handicap scooters also help to increase the mobility of those limited by progressive conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy or mild cerebral palsy. Mobility scooters / handicap scooters come in a number of different styles which can accommodate a wide range of customer needs.
In addition to the standard features common to all scooters discussed above, manufacturers offer a variety of standard features and optional accessories. Most scooters are equipped with a key lock for turning the scooter on and off, thus conserving battery life and preventing unauthorized use; a battery-level indicator (an indispensable asset if the scooter is not charged daily or in situations of extended use); and a proportional speed controller to limit maximum speed.

Are you trying to find a site on handicap scooters? Mobility scooters (aka handicap scooters or medical scooters) are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. Find out more about Handical Scooter at

mobility scooters

Handicap Scooter 101 – by Jerico Jens

No Comments 31 January 2010

There are several basic wheel options available when purchasing a new handicap scooter. You will want to consider the maximum weight capacity of the handicap scooter. The four wheel handicap scooter is often larger, weighing more, and has a lesser turning capacity. Many suppliers stock a broad range of handicap scooters, power and manual wheel chairs, a variety of rollators, and accessories for your handicap scooter. Most mobility scooter suppliers also carry power wheelchairs, handicap scooters, doctors equipment, diabetic shoes, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, ramps and all mobility needs. You can also get wheelchairs, electric handicap scooters, transport wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs from the same suppliers!
Just drive the scooter onto the wide platform, flip the switch and the handicap lift raises the scooter or wheelchair automatically. Also, scooters need extra space to set up and manuever, which handicapped spots are designed to provide. Pride handicap scooters provides one of the finest overall value for people with disabilities and mobility impairments.
Mobility scooters (aka handicap scooters or medical scooters) are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. In selecting the right handicap scooter for you, your decision should be based on what you want the handicap scooter to do for you. A broader definition would distinguish an electric-assist bike from other, small motorized contrivances like handicap scooters and powered-skateboards, (Example: modification for handicap use) and state the motorcycle/scooter engine size.
The handicap scooter will be able to be produced and sold for under $500 dollars. With the innovations in mobility scooters, the elderly and handicapped are not feeling quite as old or as feeble as they once were. However, access to the patio area, or small enclosed areas are difficult for the handicap scooter. Just ensure you get the handicap scooters to fit your mobility needs and your budget. Reporting party had attempted to purchase a handicap scooter on the internet for $1000! But you can get one which is just as good for under $500.

Are you trying to find a site on handicap scooters? Mobility scooters are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. Find out more about Handicap Scooter at

mobility scooters

Folding Mobility Scooters – How to Bring More Independence to Your Life – by Scooter Review Team

No Comments 30 January 2010

Having trouble simply walking is bad enough. It’s even worse when you require family, friends and nurse aids to do your shopping, errands or to even get you around your home. Feeling like you’ve lost your independence is a hard pill to swallow. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
That’s because more and more people are learning about “folding mobility scooters.” Now a mobility scooter is an electric powered scooter that has either a three-wheel or four-wheel base. It’s the perfect mobility aid for people who have trouble walking.
Better still, if you are still independent and would largely like to remain so, having what’s called a folding mobility scooter is a blessing. Actually, many models of mobility scooters today break down into individual, lightweight parts, allowing you to put the scooter in the car or in the back of your min-van or SUV. Surprisingly, it can take less than a minute to put the scooter into your car!
Even though the folding mobility scooter breaks down small enough where you can store it in your car, many models are sturdy enough to carry up to 300 pounds. Folding mobility scooters can range in price from $450 to $1,000.
Depending upon the dealer, you may be able to get a good service plan and warranty. Plus, your insurance or Medicare may be able to pay for part of your folding mobility scooter. Be sure to talk with your local dealer about this.
Once you have your folding mobility scooter, no longer will you feel like a burden (if you do) on others. You can have much of your independence back. What’s more, there are many, makes and models of folding mobility scooters. You can get a scooter that fits your own personality, traveling up to 5-10 miles per hour to get where you need to go.
Written by the Mobility Scooter Review Team. Go to to see more free articles, tips and info. Updated weekly! This is the ultimate resource on mobility scooters.


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