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Handicap Scooter 101 – by Jerico Jens

No Comments 31 January 2010

There are several basic wheel options available when purchasing a new handicap scooter. You will want to consider the maximum weight capacity of the handicap scooter. The four wheel handicap scooter is often larger, weighing more, and has a lesser turning capacity. Many suppliers stock a broad range of handicap scooters, power and manual wheel chairs, a variety of rollators, and accessories for your handicap scooter. Most mobility scooter suppliers also carry power wheelchairs, handicap scooters, doctors equipment, diabetic shoes, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, ramps and all mobility needs. You can also get wheelchairs, electric handicap scooters, transport wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs from the same suppliers!
Just drive the scooter onto the wide platform, flip the switch and the handicap lift raises the scooter or wheelchair automatically. Also, scooters need extra space to set up and manuever, which handicapped spots are designed to provide. Pride handicap scooters provides one of the finest overall value for people with disabilities and mobility impairments.
Mobility scooters (aka handicap scooters or medical scooters) are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. In selecting the right handicap scooter for you, your decision should be based on what you want the handicap scooter to do for you. A broader definition would distinguish an electric-assist bike from other, small motorized contrivances like handicap scooters and powered-skateboards, (Example: modification for handicap use) and state the motorcycle/scooter engine size.
The handicap scooter will be able to be produced and sold for under $500 dollars. With the innovations in mobility scooters, the elderly and handicapped are not feeling quite as old or as feeble as they once were. However, access to the patio area, or small enclosed areas are difficult for the handicap scooter. Just ensure you get the handicap scooters to fit your mobility needs and your budget. Reporting party had attempted to purchase a handicap scooter on the internet for $1000! But you can get one which is just as good for under $500.

Are you trying to find a site on handicap scooters? Mobility scooters are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or walking distances. Find out more about Handicap Scooter at

mobility scooters

Folding Mobility Scooters – How to Bring More Independence to Your Life – by Scooter Review Team

No Comments 30 January 2010

Having trouble simply walking is bad enough. It’s even worse when you require family, friends and nurse aids to do your shopping, errands or to even get you around your home. Feeling like you’ve lost your independence is a hard pill to swallow. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
That’s because more and more people are learning about “folding mobility scooters.” Now a mobility scooter is an electric powered scooter that has either a three-wheel or four-wheel base. It’s the perfect mobility aid for people who have trouble walking.
Better still, if you are still independent and would largely like to remain so, having what’s called a folding mobility scooter is a blessing. Actually, many models of mobility scooters today break down into individual, lightweight parts, allowing you to put the scooter in the car or in the back of your min-van or SUV. Surprisingly, it can take less than a minute to put the scooter into your car!
Even though the folding mobility scooter breaks down small enough where you can store it in your car, many models are sturdy enough to carry up to 300 pounds. Folding mobility scooters can range in price from $450 to $1,000.
Depending upon the dealer, you may be able to get a good service plan and warranty. Plus, your insurance or Medicare may be able to pay for part of your folding mobility scooter. Be sure to talk with your local dealer about this.
Once you have your folding mobility scooter, no longer will you feel like a burden (if you do) on others. You can have much of your independence back. What’s more, there are many, makes and models of folding mobility scooters. You can get a scooter that fits your own personality, traveling up to 5-10 miles per hour to get where you need to go.
Written by the Mobility Scooter Review Team. Go to to see more free articles, tips and info. Updated weekly! This is the ultimate resource on mobility scooters.


mobility scooters

Factors to consider when buying a Mobility Scooter – by Jake Reid

No Comments 27 January 2010

Mobility scoters have become a common way for the elderly and others with mobility issues to maintain there lifestyles with better ease. Weather you want to go around the block, get your mail, go to the shopping mall or grocery store, a mobility scooter can be used in a multitude of situations.

Who needs a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter can be used for a multitude of reasons. Individuals with multiple sclerosis, leg injuries, severe forms of arthritis, general fatigue, mild cerebral palsy, severe stroke, or seniors just plain tired of walking everywhere, has a use for scooters. If an individual has trouble walking everywhere whether because of an injury or fatigue they might want to explore getting a scooter to supplement some of your walking.

Factors when buying a scooter


When buying Mobility scooters how much you weigh is an important factor. Standard power chairs generally have an weight capacity of 250 lbs – 350 lbs. If you or a love one weighs over this amount, the mobility scooter might be generally uncomfortable or parts of the scooter will break at an accelerated rated due to the stress of the excess weight. If you are close to the weight limit, you should factor in heavy objects which you are going to be carrying on the mobility scooter when it is in operation.

Scooter dimensions.

The size of the scooter is going to be important based on your environment. If you use your scooter indoors where the hallways are narrow and the corners are tight, then a smaller scooter with a small turning radius will be your better choice. You can find those measurements in the specifications section when review the details of any scooter.

Scooter Type

Deciding on how you will use the scooter will tell you what type of mobility scooter that you need.

4 Wheel Scooter

If you feel that you will be using your wheel chair on tougher terrain such as rural areas, farms or grassy areas then a 4 wheel scooter will probably give you the best stability to ride comfortably in those areas.

3 wheel scooter

But if you want to be able to maneuver through tight spaces such as in your home, the mall, or generally places where there will be a lot of people, buying a 3 wheel scooter is your best option.

Transporting the Mobility Scooter

As with any heavy piece of equipment transporting it from point A to point B has to be factored in.

Transportation means

Will you have a car or a truck when transportation the scooter? If you have an large truck than transferring mobility scooters, especially the larger size models will be easier. More space means that the scooter can be easily loaded, transferred and unloaded with ease. But if you have an car and plan to carry your mobility scooter in the trunk of your car then a scooter that disassembles would be a better fit. Many scooters can be disassembled into three pieces, each piece generally weighing 15 – 34 pounds.


Weight again should be factored, but this time it is for carrying weight. A scooter can weigh between 110 pounds and 190 pounds. So if you plan to transfer a full mobility scooter knowing whether you have someone that can lift a mobility scooter is important. If you choose an model that disassembles than each piece weighing between 15 and 34 pounds will be more manageable.


How you use your mobility scooter affects your seating requirements. If you drive in your scooter as well as sit in it most of the day, then you might want to consider getting a comfortable seat, one that has many layers of foam padding. The adjustability of a seat can be a factor for some, if you are tall or just want easy maneuverability then making sure your mobility scooter has a seat which can be raised or lowered should be considered. If you have severe mobility issues than making sure your mobility chair swivels for easy exit or entry would be important you. But if you only use your mobility scooter occasionally and sit in it rarely then a standard scooter seat will be just fine.

Arm types

If you ride in your scooter a lot and are constantly getting in & out of it then having adjustable arms is big. Imagine having to move around your scooter’s arms every time you exit and enter it. That can be a real hassle; luckily most manufacturers make arms that can swivel up or sideways for easy access. Some manufacturers even have chairs that can be adjust wider to accommodated larger individuals.


Every mobility scooters can be customized to fit a particular need of a buyer. Many of these items usually cost extra, just like upgrading to leather seats when you buy a new car.

Pouches and Baskets

A basket is usually a steel or plastic cart which attaches to the back or front of your scooter. A pouch is can be just a carrying bag, or some specially designed bag to hang on your mobility scooter.

Oxygen Tank, Crutch holder

If you have to carry a respiratory tank around or a crutch you can order an holder for both items. The holder attaches to the back of your mobility scooter carrying your respiratory tank or cane in a specially designed holder for each particular item.


If your drive your scooter at night or have vision problems then buying headlights is another option. Headlight allow for the driver to see better at night when driving the scooter as wheel as signaling to bystanders the scooter’s location. We have to remember that these are large machines which can hurt people if a collusion occurs; especially when it is dark and vision is further impaired. If you drive your mobility scooter at night often then to be on the safe side get lights.

Left or right handed

If you are left handed than an left handed driving scooter would be preferable if you are right handed then you would chose a right handed driving scooter. Also if you had a stroke or some other aliment which has left you weak on one side of your body than buying a scooter which drives in accordance to the stronger side of your body would be a good fit


Most scooters come in a variety of colors, variations of reds, blues & greens are typical colors.

Remember before you buy a mobility scooter to always make sure that it will fit into you or a loved ones lifestyle by going over all the factors that goes into purchasing & owning a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter that is researched & tailor to fit an individuals needs can make someone’s life a lot easier.

Jake Reid is an author and mobility aid specialist at

mobility scooters

Empirical Evidence of Eastern European Enterprise Mobility Spending Patterns Through End User Surveys – by Laura Wood

No Comments 24 January 2010

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Enterprise mobility trends in Eastern Europe to their offering. Dublin (PRWEB) February 13, 2006 — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Enterprise mobility trends in Eastern Europe to their offering. There are many factors that make the Eastern European market important for vendors. GDP growth is impressive, with growth rates far exceeding those of most Western European economies. Mobile penetration is low, especially in Russia, and as a result, the market is many years from saturation. Scope of this title: – Analysis of the main trends that are influencing the enterprise mobility market in Eastern Europe. – In-depth coverage of the specific country characteristics in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia. – Empirical evidence of Eastern European enterprise mobility spending patterns through our end user surveys. Highlights of this title: As Eastern European economies continue on their path of rapid growth and economic restructuring, they will gradually catch up with Western Europe in terms of technology adoption. The Eastern European enterprise mobility market offers many good opportunities for sustainable growth. Respondents from Poland spent an average of 13.5% of their IT budgets on enterprise mobility, which is the highest average spending of all the markets covered. In the long term, the Russian market will be the most important; it is the largest and fastest growing market. Cost and security concerns are the main inhibitors that are affecting the market. In a recent survey, 56% of respondents said that cost was standing in the way of investment in enterprise mobility. Concerns over regulatory compliance were very important, with 47% of respondents citing them as inhibitors to investment. Reasons to order your copy: – Learn how to take advantage of the excellent opportunity that the Eastern European enterprise mobility market offers. – Underpin your strategy with an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics that are unique to the four largest Eastern European markets. – Gain insight into the current and forthcoming spending trends of Eastern European enterprises through our end-user research. Contents Include: Introduction Action points The Eastern European markets are among the most promising for vendors in the enterprise mobility space KEY BUSINESS DRIVERS Business drivers Market inhibitors SPENDING PATTERNS Enterprise mobility spending as an indicator for market maturity and penetration Poland is the most promising market for the short-term but vendors need to establish their presence in all markets What are enterprises spending their mobility budgets on? TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION TRENDS Mobile email and mobile warehousing lead the way WHAT CAN VENDORS DO? What the market needs Conclusion APPENDIX Future readings SPP writing team Contact the author SPP Program Manager How to contact experts in your industry List of Figures For more information visit Datamonitor Laura Wood Senior Manager Research and Markets e-mail protected from spam bots Fax: +353 1 4100 980

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Electric Wheelchairs Promote Mobility and Safeguard Independence – by Tom Sample

No Comments 22 January 2010

With more and more people living longer and longer, the question of quality of life is a constant concern. Some older people choose to grab life by the horns and soak up every second. Others are simply unable to do so. Still others choose to let little things get in the way of living and then watch as these problems snowball to take away their mobility and independence. For those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, sometimes a little help is needed in the form of devices such as electric wheelchairs, walkers and so on.
Using a wheelchair is not something most elderly people relish. However, for those who enjoy a relative high quality of life, this implement can be a real lifesaver. There’s no reason for an older person to sit back and rock away the rest of their lives when so many devices are available to help them overcome the troubles that can go along with normal aging. Getting a wheelchair isn’t giving in to aging, it’s fighting back and saying the person refuses to give up mobility and independence.
If an electric wheelchair is needed for a person with limited or even no mobility, there are some things to look for. Not all wheelchairs will work for every person, so custom fitting is often in order. Before buying the first chair that’s found, consider these things:
* Weight. Some chairs are designed to be more comfortable for people of higher weights. A chair designed for a 120-pound person is not likely to work well for a 200-pound man. Look at manufacturer specifications for weight limits before buying.
* Ease of use. Electric wheelchairs are meant to be easy to use and deliver mobility to those who have lost it. But sometimes the consoles and controls are too complex for some users to handle. Match the features with the person who will be using the device. A wheelchair can be a blessing for returning independence to those with mobility issues, but if the person who needs it is afraid to use it, there’s no point in the purchase.
* Charging and battery life. If the person who needs the chair enjoys long strolls or outings, make sure the battery has a lifespan to suit. A chair that only stays powered for a few hours won’t do in this case. Also make certain there are extra battery packs available and that charging is simple to handle.
* Price. Many elderly people find themselves living on a tight budget. Make certain the chair chosen fits the budget, or better yet, is covered by an insurance plan if doctor’s orders have been given.
Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up on living. Although some older people enjoy full mobility and good health, this isn’t the case for everyone. But with some smart purchases to help overcome the little bumps in the road aging presents, most people can enjoy life to the fullest even in their 80s, 90s and beyond. A good power wheelchair can give those who have limited or no mobility a new lease on life. Making the right purchase, however, is vital for the proposition.

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