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mobility scooter advise please

4 Comments 18 November 2010

Question by Nora: mobility scooter advise please
I am currently using a Legend by Pride. It is ok. I weigh 320, my dog 7 and i carry groceries so I need one that allows 350 lb. I need one 46 inches or less long so I can get on the local bus. I need the captains chair. I want a front and rear basket, full lights, rear view mirror, hand brake, and cane holder if it will fit next to rear basket.

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Answer by chiliswoman
You should really be asking this of a scooter store. They will know specifically which models meets your needs or can be modified to do so. I have 2 scooters for this reason – each meets a different set of needs because i could not find one which met all of them.

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