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What does it take to get disability for a mental illness?

11 Comments 11 October 2011

Question by mykuh_gsn: What does it take to get disability for a mental illness?
I have extreme bipolar and borderline personality disorder. They’re so bad that I cannot function normally; I can’t keep a job, I failed out of college, I can’t keep friends, I get into financial trouble all of the time, and meds don’t work. I’ve considered getting disability for this before, but I kept telling myself that I just wasn’t trying enough and so I tried once more. After watching it all happen again, even while compliant with treatment, I’m ready to give up.

So my question is, what does it take to get disability for a mental illness? Please don’t respond that you can’t, because I know that you can. My biological mother is the same way and is on disability for it, and in a nursing home (as an alternative to a mental hospital). Would I have to subject myself to hospitalization? What kind of steps are involved?
I’m in Tennessee, United States.
I’m already on a state insurance program called “TennCare” because I’m so mentally ill. Maybe that helps? And I can’t stop working or else I’ll be homeless again. If you have any suggestions as to how I can stop working and yet not be homeless, I’m willing to take them.

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Answer by glitter_cocaine
I am on disabilty for Bipolar. It’s a LONG drawn out process. If you’re going to try for the first time, expect to get denied. I did the first time as do most people for whatever reason. Get all your hospital and doctor records. You having them can make a huge differance. They will play a lot of games with you so be prepared… it’s a long, stressful process. E-mail me any questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

And oh yea, a lot of people are gonna look at you like lazy scum. I try not to tell to many people im on ssd. most people think it’s just so you dont have to work because most people dont think bipolar is serious because its so overly diagnosed just like most mental illness.

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