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electric wheelchairs

Invacare Power Wheelchair Cover Universal AL500CE NEW

No Comments 20 November 2011

Some recent electric wheelchair auctions on eBay:

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electric wheelchairs

Mobility scooter/Gopher – Invacare Auriga in Adelaide, South Australia

No Comments 12 October 2011

Used scooter/Gopher in excellent condition, with brand new batteries and front tyres, fully serviced. Purchased from new owner, my Dad only got to use this once before he passed and on that occasion the batteries went flat for him. So mum decided to have new batteries and front tyres (who knows why?) and have it fully serviced, but dad was never well enough again to ride it. All receipts available for the work performed. Located in Oakden/Adelaide South Australia and available for inspection, call Chris on 0427 525 242
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Electric Mobility Scooter Reviews. 3 and 4 wheel. Up to 500 pound capacity. Golden Technologies Avenger 4 Heavy duty 4 wheel Scooter. I’m not a pro, I just want to share so others can see one of these rarely reviewd scooters. These scooters are superb and reviews are few, so I’ll post one about my Avenger. This is a great scooter! It is very HIGH QUALITY. I have owned many scooters and powerchairs. I did a lot of research to find the most reliable low maintence scooter with easy to buy parts, (out of ‘MY’ own pocket), should I need them. And one to handle long drives on hot days here in Escondido, Ca. I drive the heck out of this scootor for long periods. That is what I bought it for. I have a powerchair for short period cool use and travel on busses, trains etc. I get the same 15-18 mile BATTERY range from both my Avenger and my Pride. My Golden Avenger 4 fits into my apartment ELEVATER, goes up and easily drives into my 3rd floor apartment. I also take it grocery shopping up and down normal size isles. In small shops with cramped isles, I drive in and have the clerk fetch what I want. My Golden Technologies Avenger 4 is very rugged, is high quality construction and the design was well thought out. Has a big 4 pole motor. 4 pole motors provide more POWER, RUN COOLER, and HAVE LONGER LIFE than the 2 pole motors found in most other scooters. 2 pole motors are made for intermittent use, not long drives. So with my Golden Avenger 4, I can go out in 100 degre weather without

electric wheelchairs

Invacare Tracer EX2 Wheelchair (20″ x 16″ with Permanent Arms)

No Comments 01 September 2011

Invacare Tracer EX2 Wheelchair (20″ x 16″ with Permanent Arms)

The Tracer EX2 wheelchair sets the new standard in manual wheelchairs. The Tracer EX2 combines the design and technology of the 9000 series and incorporates it into the Tracer series. A true dual-axle position allows for repositioning the 24″ rear wheels and 8″ casters for adult and hemi seat-to-floor heights. Hemi spaced footrest and a full range of accessories. The new design also makes it possible to interchange components with the 9000 series chairs. Meets RESNA standards for manual wheelcha

Price: $ 140.85

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electric wheelchairs

Invacare Wheelchair

No Comments 12 August 2011

Wheelchair on eBay:

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electric wheelchairs

Invacare TDX SERIES Power Wheelchairs

No Comments 24 June 2011

www.amimobility.com Built by Invacare … Designed by You The Invacare TDX SP is the first model in the next generation of the TDX (Total Driving eXperience) series power wheelchairs. The Invacare TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design. New Options Available Now! Van seat with footboard option. Group 24 batteries. Individual power legs. Tilt recline option. Recline only option. Motion Concepts power center mount available on-chair. Ventilator tray option. Key Features of Both the TDX3 and TDX SP True center wheel drive. Traction control design. MK6i electronics. Ability to accommodate powered tilt, recline, elevating seat, and tilt / recline combination. Ability to accommodate individual powered legs and powered center mount. Ability to accommodate ventilator tray. Ability to accommodate (2) 22NF, (2) Group 24, or (3) 22NF batteries. Crash-tested to ANSI / RESNA WC-19. Key Features Distinguishing the Invacare TDX SP from the Invacare TDX3 Enhanced SureStep – features redesigned pivot points, which allow for 6″ of caster travel – 3″ up and 3″ down. The Enhanced SureStep ultimately allows for a smoother transition down from obstacles. Quiet Stability Lock – features a gas locking cylinder, which replaces the traditional metal gear set. When stability lock engages, the gas locking cylinder actuation eases the user to a stop and is nearly

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