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What Variety of Electric Wheelchair Should Your Store Offer?

No Comments 09 June 2011

What Variety of Electric Wheelchair Should Your Store Offer?

What Variety of Electric Wheelchair Should Your Store Offer?

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Home Page > Business > Small Business > What Variety of Electric Wheelchair Should Your Store Offer?

What Variety of Electric Wheelchair Should Your Store Offer?

Posted: Sep 25, 2010 |Comments: 0

An electric wheelchair is a significant improvement over manually driven wheelchairs. They are easy to drive not only over the horizontal surface but uphill as well. People with mobility impairment as well as those with cardiovascular issues can make best use of these wheelchairs.

Those who prefer buying electric wheelchair consider a number of things before choosing the best one. This is because a large variety of electric wheelchairs is available in the market. You can also attract more customers to your store by obtaining different varieties from wheel chair exporters and suppliers.

Weight Support

You must offer electric wheelchairs that are designed to bear different weights of the users. It is an important factor people consider while purchasing an electric wheelchair so that it is not damaged by excess of load. Different wheelchair suppliers can be visited to obtain wheelchairs with different weight capacities.

Different Propulsion Method

There are three main varieties of electric wheelchairs based upon the method of propulsion they support. Wheelchairs with rear wheel drive are fast but they offer poor support to turning. The second variety of wheelchairs has front wheel drive that meets turning requirements efficiently but suffers from lower speed. Finally, there are mid wheel drive wheelchairs that have the most suitable turning capabilities but they are not good for floors with uneven surface. Your store should offer all three types of electric wheelchairs to help different customers choose the best one.

Indoor and Outdoor Support

Not all electric wheelchairs are designed to perform equally well indoor as well as outdoor. Your store will be visited by the customers who would like to use the electric wheelchair outdoor extensively. So, you must offer them the variety of wheelchairs that are built to handle weather conditions, rough surfaces and other factors. At the same time, you must offer the wheelchairs that are designed to be used indoor.

Transportation Support

The customers visiting your store might be interested in buying an electric wheelchair which can be easily transported in a vehicle. So, you must offer the wheelchairs that can be dismantled so that they fit inside a vehicle. Make sure that the wheelchairs you offer are easy to dismantle and assemble so that the user’s family members have convenience using them.

Type of Battery

Some highly informed customers would like to consider the type of battery installed in the electric wheelchair before purchasing it. Gel batteries, wet batteries and AGM batteries are the popular types used in these wheelchairs. It can add to your profits if you sell the wheelchairs supported by different battery types.

Some Other Tips

You can also sell the electric wheelchairs with different styles of armrests and legrests. Another good way to offer variety in electric wheelchairs is by choosing the wheelchairs that can easily fit all possible door sizes. Speed and seating styles are other two important factors on the basis of which you can offer different styles of wheelchairs. Finally, you must offer electric wheelchairs manufactured by different brands and those having different price range.

You can look for wheel chair exporters and suppliers at online directories to obtain such huge variety of electric wheelchairs for the customers of your store.

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Vaiv Jais
About the Author:

Vaiv Jais has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on electric wheelchair which are of great demand in B2B space.You can find more free information about Trade Leads at our Trade.indiaMart.com

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Vaiv Jais has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on electric wheelchair which are of great demand in B2B space.You can find more free information about Trade Leads at our Trade.indiaMart.com

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electric wheelchairs

Reclining Chairs – Designed To Offer That Ultimate Comfort

No Comments 25 October 2010

Reclining Chairs – Designed To Offer That Ultimate Comfort

Recliner chairs are often termed as lazy man’s dream of ultimate luxury. These chairs provide excellent comfort along with great style. The design of reclining chairs is such that it facilitates maximum support to the lower and upper back, thus offering the most comfortable sitting position. A person sitting on a reclining chair will not feel an ounce of discomfort even after sitting continuously for hours. The benefits of reclining chairs have been proven medically. The comfortable sitting position on a reclining chair also has good effects on the overall posture of the body.

Benefits of Reclining chair
These chairs are great source of comfort and style for regular users. In addition, they are beneficial for a number of people with special needs. Few examples are listed below.
• These chairs are prescribed for people with disabilities, like arthritis and paralysis, that require them to sit for long duration of time.
• They are an excellent source of comfort for pregnant women who find difficulty in putting too much burden on their backs. Reclining chairs provide them the much needed support and relaxation for their backs.
• People who are unnaturally short in height also benefit greatly from the use of these chairs.

Reclining Chairs With Multiple Reclining Positions
The recliners vary in their reclining positions, some have two or three reclining positions while others have unlimited number of positions. Recliner chairs that have two positions recline to an approximately 45-degree angle. They are great for sitting but not really ideal for a short sleep. In contrast, recliner chairs that have three reclining positions help you adjust to any angle, thus providing maximum comfort. It is possible to lie almost flat on the recliners with three positions.

Types of Reclining Chair
There are so many types of furniture available in the market, such as fitted bedroom furniture, leather sofas, dining tables, and so on. Similarly, you can find multiple styles in reclining chairs in the market and online furniture stores. Each type is made differently and has its own unique feature along with a specific reclining capacity. Few popular types of reclining chair are listed below.

• Swivel Recliner Chairs: This type of recliner has the ability to rotate through 360 degrees and is available with a separate footstool. Swivel reclining chairs are superb for drawing rooms that have plenty of empty space. These chairs are extremely stylish and comfortable.
• Reclining Armchairs: These reclining chairs are simple to look at and offer great mode of relaxation after a hard day’s work.
• Massage Recliners: These recliners have been designed to provide you the ultimate form of relaxation by massaging your body. They completely rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.
• Riser Recliners: These reclining chairs offer the comfort of a recliner chair along with the relaxation offered by electric riser reclining action. By using riser recliners, you can have complete control on your sitting posture.

The different types of reclining chairs have their own set of features and capacities; therefore it is essential for you to explore the variety and select the best one for you. Furniture Reflections offers an extensive range of highest quality reclining chairs at competitive prices. Apart from reclining chairs, if you are looking for other types of furniture, like fitted bedroom furniture, pine furniture, leather sofas, and dining tables, Furniture Reflections are the best in the market.

Kimberely is a well known author who write articles for furniture-reflections.co.uk, offers quality furniture like recliner chairs, fitted bedroom, pine furniture and much more.

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