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Q&A: How to or not to disclose a disability to a potential employer?

3 Comments 26 July 2011

Question by army.veteran: How to or not to disclose a disability to a potential employer?
My situation is that I was medically discharged from the US Army in 2005. I have several disabilities and have an overall disability rating from the Veterans Administration. I have gone to school to retrain on a rehabilitation plan. I am about to graduate and currently looking for a new full time job. I had a great job offer from a company, and then I told them I have disabilities and they pulled the offer back. The field I am going into is Electronics and Computers. I have talked to many career advisors and they state that I should not tell the company I have them. I feel that I should. On my military discharged it also states that I was medically discharged and have a disability rating as well. I also run into problems when people ask me why I got out of the Army. I state I was medically discharged. I have been told to state that my doctor says that I can work. Any advice on this will be helpful to me. I am concerned about this situation.

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Answer by Shipps
I think it’s illegal to discrimanate against someone that’s disabled. If you are going into computers, I don’t see how a physical disability could affect your quailty of work. That’s ticks me off. I probably wouldn’t disclose the info about the disability, especially if your MD says you are clear to work. Good luck to you and don’t give up on your dreams!

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