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Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair Project

25 Comments 28 August 2011

***UPDATE** the chair has moved to a public viewing location. See it in person at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Boston, MA. until May 2011! Finally got around to adding together some video clips I took. I had a lot of people asking about what it does and how, so here is a little walk through. (read more below) I will answer any logical questions in the comments if your curious about something I didn’t mention. A side note, no I do not NEED the wheelchair for any physical disability this is a costume/prop just like the one Patrick Stewart tooled around in, I get asked that a lot by many people and I hope that fact doesn’t offend anyone. I’m fascinated by motorized wheelchairs, always have been. I love the idea of a Dr. Evil type character with the bald head and hairless cat sipping a martini zooming around a top secret lab in style. Whenever I’ve shown this I’ve perked the interest of many people who DO need a wheelchair and I hope it has inspired them to seek out modifications of their own to individualize themselves. No I’m not the first or only “steampunk” chair out there, this is just MY take on it based on an original concept art (in the opening and closing credits FYI)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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