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How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

No Comments 12 November 2010

How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

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Home Page > Health > How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

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Posted: Jan 11, 2008 |Comments: 1
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How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

By: IC

About the Author

Electricpowerwheelchair.com offers a wide range of electric powered wheelchair, folding electric wheelchair and also Gel Foam Soft Touch Whelchair Cushions. Please visit us today.

(ArticlesBase SC #302489)

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/How to Sell your Used Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are a boon to the physically disabled people who cannot walk or move. With the help of these wheelchairs they can move around anywhere and everywhere. They are free to go wherever they want with the support of wheelchairs. The wheelchair is a chair like thing with wheels under it which helps the movement of the chair when the gear is moved. But today the movement of wheelchairs has been made easier by the manufacturing of electric wheelchairs. These electric wheelchairs are powered by electricity and hydraulic power and have a power button. By pressing the power button one can move around easily.

Electric wheelchairs can be purchased from any showroom selling such wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs also come with a wheelchair lift which is also powered with the similar mechanism as the wheelchair itself. This wheelchair lift allows the disabled person to rise above the surface of the ground. The person places the wheelchair on the platform of the wheelchair lift and then by pressing the power button raises the wheelchair above the surface. This is very helpful in going up in elevated places. The only factor about the electric wheelchair which acts as a negative point is that is far too costly and most of the people are unable to afford it.

Electric wheelchair might cost up to a few thousands of dollars. So it is not so easy for a middle class man to buy the electric wheelchair which is otherwise so much advantageous. But a solution to this problem is purchasing used electric wheelchairs. There are showrooms which sell used electric wheelchair but in good condition.

It is seen that used electric wheelchairs are bought to save money; similarly used electric wheelchair can be sold to have a money return. People can sell their electric wheelchairs once they have finished with the use of it. Electric wheelchairs cost more so to get back at least the half price of the wheelchair will be enough. If the electric wheelchair is almost new and is in a very good condition then the price given may rise up. There are many showrooms and places where they buy the electric wheelchairs. The condition for selling these used wheelchairs is that it must be in excellent condition to be most of the showrooms do not buy wheelchairs which are more than three years old. But the prices given by different showrooms vary; the prices also vary on the condition in which the wheelchair is.

To sell the wheelchair one must take few steps. To initiate the selling process the person concerned might give advertisements in the classified pages of a daily newspaper or at the bulletin boards of a supermarket. One might also try the website for featuring the advertisement, but these unprofessional methods must be avoided as much as possible because these companies seldom match the proper equipment with the user.

The reliable resources for selling used wheelchairs are the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) which will match the equipment with the needy through newsletters, word of mouth or notices. The state rehabilitation department can be contacted to see whether they can connect the seller with a therapist who can help him finding a new user.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/how-to-sell-your-used-electric-wheelchair-302489.html

(ArticlesBase SC #302489)

About the Author:

Electricpowerwheelchair.com offers a wide range of electric powered wheelchair, folding electric wheelchair and also Gel Foam Soft Touch Whelchair Cushions. Please visit us today.

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/how-to-sell-your-used-electric-wheelchair-302489.html

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1. marshall barnes 21/01/2009

I have been in a chair for over 16 years and am very familiar with what the customer needs.Like you would’nt give an 85 year old person a racing chair rite.I look for the strength in their arms and hands and soforth.


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