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electric wheelchairs

A Mobility Scooter Presents Viable Solutions For…

1 Comment 13 November 2011

www.MobilityScooterSite.com A Mobility Scooter can provide the elderly, disabled, and seriously ill freedom of movement. Mobility is critical to just about every aspect of everyday living. Having some freedom of movement enhances a person’s capability to learn, earn a living and interact with friends, family and community. A large percentage of people with mobility limitations have permanent disabilities. Many people suffer from conditions that make walking an extremely difficult and painful task including arthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. These individuals benefit from a variety of mobility aids and devices to assist them in lead fulfilling and active lives. The most popular forms of independently operated mobility equipment are Motorized Wheelchair’s and Mobility Scooters. This video is brought to you from www.MobilityScooterSite.com

electric wheelchairs

Accenture and SAP partner to develop mobility solutions

No Comments 18 May 2011

Accenture and SAP partner to develop mobility solutions
Accenture and SAP intend to enter into an agreement to build differentiated solutions that draw on the breadth and depth of mobility capabilities that the companies have developed by working together since 2000.
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SAP Forecasts Billion Revenue From New Businesses by 2015
SAP AG, the largest maker of business management software, predicts mobile products, services and real-time analytics technology will generate about a quarter of its projected 20 billion-euro ($ 28.5 billion) in sales by 2015.
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SAP announces new push into mobile applications
Sybase Unwired among the new products announced at Sapphire conference SAP is giving its ongoing push into mobile applications an extra shove with a series of new products aimed at verticals such as utilities, energy, retail and manufacturing, the company announced during the Sapphire Now conference.
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