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Lastest Stairlifts auctions

No Comments 29 November 2011

Stairlifts on eBay:

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electric wheelchairs

Most popular Stairlifts auctions

No Comments 10 August 2011

Stairlifts on eBay:

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The Handicare Stairlifts Video (Formerly Freelift Stairlifts)

9 Comments 30 May 2011

www.dolphinlifts.co.uk A video of the curved stairlift manufactured by Freelift available from Dolphin Lifts in the UK. Freelift have recently been acquired by the Handicare Group and have changed their name to Handicare Stairlifts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Stairlifts. Can the Doctor really help?

2 Comments 03 May 2011

Question by Carer at home: Stairlifts. Can the Doctor really help?
We heard that by contacting the family DOCTOR, we may get some independant and helpful advice of buying a stairlift for my mother.

Best answer:

Answer by rosieC
Definitely yes! Just as he’ll be able to write a report so you can apply for handicapped parking placard . This medical referral should reflect that such a st airlift is medically necessary due to any mobilization problem that you mom might have .

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Hints and tips on buying stairlifts

No Comments 07 January 2011

Hints and tips on buying stairlifts

Hints and tips on buying stairlifts

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Home Page > Health > Hints and tips on buying stairlifts

Hints and tips on buying stairlifts

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Posted: Jun 09, 2009 |Comments: 0


Stairlifts have been a godsend for quite some time for the elderly and disabled who have mobility problems. For those who have trouble getting around the house, stairlifts are a much more practical and cost-effective solution than moving into a bungalow. The other alternative is home adaptations, which can result in the rather sad situation of your relative being confined to the downstairs of their home.

Crowded stairlift market

Thanks to stairlifts, the elderly and disabled can stay in their own home, where all the surroundings are familiar to them, and which is near to their friends and amenities.

So, having decided that a stair lift is the way forward for your relative, which one is right for their circumstances? Well, the UK stairlifts marketplace is a crowded one. Around a dozen major stairlift manufacturers compete for a growing customer base – more and more of us are elderly, but living longer doesnt mean that we dont have problems with our knees.

Before you even speak to a stair lift manufacturer or retailer, we advise talking to anyone you know who has bought a stairlift. Ask them about the benefits theyve experienced and the drawbacks, if any.

Contact as many reputable companies as you can so you can compare their stairlift products and prices. Remember that reliability and safety are the key factors.

When youre considering stairlifts, dont be afraid to grill the sales representative. After all, any sales rep worth his salt should know all his products inside and out. You should be able to talk about your particular staircase, physical problems and budget, and expect sensible answers.

Stairlift warranties

Ask for all the information you can get on the company and its stair lifts. Find out how long theyve been in business. Make sure that they have full insurance. Can they let you see genuine customer testimonials?

What about once the stairlift is installed? How long will the warranty be for? Can you extend it and if so for how long? Whats included? Some companies will give a lifetime guarantee – but its only for certain parts. What about service and support? How quickly will they come out if the stairlift breaks down? Do they use their own stairlift engineers or is the service subcontracted, meaning you might have to wait for your lift to be fixed?

You should also research online about the stairlift companies – look for negative (or positive) comments in forums and in the media. You should also stay clear of cold callers selling you stairlifts and try to take each stair lift for a test ride in the showrooms before you make any decisions.
Selecting the correct stairlift will also mean considering the individual needs of the stairlift user and deciding which features will suit best – not just now, but in the future.

Curved or straight stairlift?

Once youve decided on a stairlift manufacturer, youll need to get your stairs assessed by a company representative. You should be aware that there are two principal types of stairlift ? straight and curved. Straight stairlifts are intended for stairs that have no bends or half-landings. If your stairs are perfectly straight, youll find the cost of this kind of stair lift quite reasonable.

If, however, your stairs have any kind of bend, corner or half-landing, youll need a curved stairlift. This is much less straightforward. It means that your stairlift will need to be custom-built for your staircase. This, of course, means that youd better be sure that you need a stairlift, as it cant go back to the factory. It means that your stairlift will be much more expensive than a straight one.

One slightly cheaper option if you would like to stick to straight stairlifts but have a curved staircase is two or more runs of straight stair lifts with a bridging platform. This does mean having two lifts, which means paying twice. It also means that you or your relative might be faced with more maintenance costs, as you will have the upkeep of two motors. This does, however, mean that you could enter the reconditioned stairlift market, thereby theoretically reducing your costs.

Stairlift sales rep

These days, youll also have a home visit from a stair-lift company representative. When the stairlift sales rep calls round at your relatives, try to arrange for you or another relative or friend to be there, too. Its going to be important to remember the information and to ask key questions.

The stairlift-company rep should thoroughly assess the staircase and ask pertinent questions about your relatives needs, including how easy it is for them to get on and off the stairlift. They should be able to provide a quote in writing for the full cost of the stairlift, including installation.
When the sales rep is in your relatives home, its very easy to feel pressurised. They sound very convincing – but thats their job. Just because youve had a stair-lift assessment doesnt mean you have to buy. Try to talk to as many stairlift companies as possible before making any decisions.

One great solution is to call an independent retailer like UK Stairlifts, who can give you impartial advice about the right stairlift for your relatives circumstances.

Reconditioned stair lifts

A reconditioned stair lift is another option to consider. Reconditioned stairlifts have been owned by someone else. With a reconditioned stair lift, both the stairlift and rail have been refurbished. Theyre practically as good as new, and will usually give your relative many years of good service.

Buying a reconditioned stair lift is a great option. Thats because most of the lift is brand new. Youll get a new seat, new rail and a reconditioned engine. This new engine should be good for a few years. For those on a budget, a reconditioned stair lift will mean a saving of around one-third on the price of a new stairlift.

Whenever you see a supplier with reconditioned stairlifts for sale, do ask a lot of questions about the stair lift. At UK Stairlifts, we would advise also not to buy a reconditioned stair lift thats more than 18 months old, to ensure its in tip-top shape. Make sure you get a one-year warranty, too.

Hopefully, youll have found this brief introduction to buying stairlifts useful. All the main stairlift manufacturers have comprehensive websites. However, for truly impartial advice based around your or your relatives circumstances, it might be best to approach an independent retailer, such as UK Stairlifts.

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UK Stairlifts
About the Author:

Here at UK Stairlifts, we offer unbiased information – weve no axe to grind. All youll find here is impartial, independent advice about straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, outdoor stairlifts and reconditioned stairlifts.

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While checking my mother’s Excel Stair lift, I realized that it will not reverse direction until it traverses the entire length of rail. Is this standard? Thank You
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A Guide to the Main UK Stairlift Manufacturers

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Jun 09, 2009

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