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The Wheelchair & The Stroller

No Comments 03 October 2011

The Wheelchair & The Stroller

The Wheelchair & The Stroller

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Home Page > Travel > The Wheelchair & The Stroller

The Wheelchair & The Stroller

Posted: May 17, 2010 |Comments: 0

There are a lot of people looking for accessible places to travel to or to spend the day at. Commonly the word “accessible” is often accompanied by wheelchair, this place is or is not “wheelchair accessible.” Searching for the particular blue and white sign loosely includes anyone with a physical disability, like those using manual and electric wheelchair, scooters, and arm crutches. Now-a-days almost anyone with a heart or obesity problem is deemed “physically disabled” and given a handicapped placard.

One group of people that are not considered physically disabled but often rely on the accessibility of a destination from the standards of a wheelchair user are parents with young kids, specifically strollers. Stroller carrying parents also want to be in an area that allows them to be comfortable pushing their children around and not worrying about getting a small wheel stuck in a crack or not having adequate space to maneuver. As one mother says, “you just don’t think about it until you have a stroller.” Those in wheelchairs feel the exact same way, until you walk in their shoes so to speak. When there is a place deemed to be wheelchair accessible, parents with strollers can count on factors like smoothly paved sidewalks, curb cutouts, ramps, elevators, and large handicapped friendly restrooms; accessible aspects that any wheelchair user or physically challenged person relies on to provide independence and comfort.

Even though parents with strollers and wheelchair users are different in many obvious ways, they may be the closest kind of people who “have a glimpse into what it’s like to use a wheelchair” as the mother with a stroller put it. The next time you have to wait for another elevator because it was full of strollers or the handicapped restroom because a mother his changing her child’s diapers take a deep breath because in many ways we are in the same boat.

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Wheelchair Traveling
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Do you know if “trip cancellation” in most travel insurance plans covers parents when a doctor has not cleared a newborn to fly?
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Filled with tips, photos, and information on various destinations, WHEELCHAIRTRAVELING.COM is reviewed from the unique perspective of someone in a wheelchair. Join the online community today!

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