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Stay Independent: Simple Mobility Aid Helps Disabled Get In and Out of Cars, Studies Find

No Comments 15 December 2010

Victoria, BC (PRWEB) December 7, 2006

Once the dust had settled, a simple low-tech invention came out on top. Twice.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Boston conducted an exhaustive study on vehicle modifications which aid the elderly in their use of cars. Among the very best solutions for vehicle access, they found, was an invention called Handybar®.

This finding was backed up by the Cleveland Clinic’s Arthritis Newsletter, which studied the HandyBar and found it to be the easiest, most helpful new disability product to aid drivers with arthritis.

The Handybar is a patented, award winning mobility aid that can help provide independence to millions of permanently or temporarily disabled users. A portable support handle, the Handybar slips into a vehicle’s “striker”, the U-shaped bracket that appears on a car’s door pillar and keeps the door firmly closed. Once in position, the Handybar helps the mobility challenged get in and out of today’s lower cars and higher SUVs with confidence, dignity and ease.

The Handybar works on virtually all cars and requires no modifications. Small and light at only 9″ long and one pound, the Handybar disability product is made of an extremely tough alloy and is capable of supporting 350 pounds. It can be stored in a car’s glove box, door pocket or center console for quick access.

The Handybar is an ideal mobility aid for:


    People with arthritis, back or knee problems

    Those who are recovering from surgery or sports injuries

    Pregnant women, or

    Anyone who’d like an occasional helping hand getting in and out of cars

In addition to being an effective mobility aid, Handybart can even help save lives. Equipped with an integrated side window breaker and recessed seatbelt cutter, the Handybar could prove an invaluable escape device in the event of an accident.

The Handybar is available at a variety of retailers across Canada and the United States.

For more information contact:

Ian Stewart

Avenue Innovations Inc

1834 Oak Bay Avenue

Victoria, BC

Canada V8R 1C2

(250) 658-4089



Images available: www.handybar.com/support/

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electric wheelchairs

The Disability Studies Reader

4 Comments 14 October 2010

The Disability Studies Reader

The Disability Studies Reader is the most comprehensive introduction to in disability studies. Now in its third edition, it contains a wide range of seminal, cutting-edge and classic articles in the field. The collection covers cultural studies, identity politics, literary criticism, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, the visual arts, gender and race studies, as well as memoir, poetry, fiction, and prose non-fiction.

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List Price: $ 59.95

Price: $ 53.95

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